Restless Legs Syndrome is a debilitating disorder: I’ve seen it in action on my girlfriend since 10 years and it’s a terrible condition to live with. It affects not only sleep time but also day time, leaving you tired, depressed and unable to focus. In some cases symptoms are so intense that could really harm you. 

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As a developer I thought I could do more than simple massages or to stay awake with her while she couldn’t sleep. 

So I decided to develop an app that could relate causes with symptoms and show correlations on chartsPersonal data could then be shared anonymously online in order to build a global dataset and help researchers to find a cure. 

Developing such an app is not simple nor a small thing and requires time, effort and money, too. 

I’m trying to find a solution for Paola, obviously, but also for everyone in the world who suffers from RLS.

I’m doing my best to do so, but I’m blocked by everyday contingencies and money issues, too. 

RLS App - Restless Legs Syndrome Mobile App - Charts section

If I could code RLS App ten hours a day I would surely do it, but I must work to pay bills, rent and food (yes, programmers usually convert food, especially coffee, into code, lol). 

Every single donation, even a little one, will help this project to grow and to speed up the development process. 

If you can donate, even also a small amount of money, I solemnly swear I will not spend it all on coffee 😀

Donations can be done here: 

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Thank you in advance for your help! 

Yuri and Paola

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